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A NOTE FROM OUR NURSE ~ January 2018

When to Keep Your Sick Child Home from School It can be difficult to decide when your child is too sick for school. Common sense, concern for your child’s well-being...

P.E. ~ MS. GIBSON ~ January 2018

P.E. ~ MS. GIBSON ~ January 2018

Happy New Year to all of our students and parents! Now is a great time to set healthy living goals for everyone in the family. January is a difficult time to get...

A Note From Music ~ Mr. Cohen ~ January 2018

A Note From Music ~ Mr. Cohen ~ January 2018

Happy New Year Tashua! With the arrival of 2018 comes some wonderful musical activities! Our Kindergarten students will be playing percussion instruments to accompany...

Art Room ~ Mrs. Grabinski ~ January 2018

Art Room ~ Mrs. Grabinski ~ January 2018

Happy 2018 to all our Tashua Families! Here are the current and upcoming projects and units of study in the art room: Kindergarten-3D clay sculpture-bugs on a leaf 1st...

LIBRARY ~ MS. CASSIDY ~ January 2018

LIBRARY ~ MS. CASSIDY ~ January 2018

  Happy New Year! The Learning Commons is bustling with projects to finish and new activities to start. First grade is completing their holiday research report...


TIGER TECH~ MR. RICHARD ~ January 2018

Get to know Google for Education (G Suite) As you may know, every student in grades K-12 has access to a Google account and G Suite for Education (edu.google.com)....



Students Can Develop a Growth Mindset: With + Math = I Can “With Math I Can…” is a movement dedicated to changing society’s approach and attitude towards...

The Reading Connection ~ January 2018

The Reading Connection ~ January 2018

The Long-Term Effects of Skipping Your Reading Homework By Pamela DeLoatch on April 14, 2015 twitter: @pameladel When elementary school students have math worksheets...


The Counselor Corner ~ January 2018

The Importance of Showing Empathy This month the focus is on EMPATHY. Developing strong empathetic skills are crucial to help children with their relationships...

Principal’s Proud Board ~ January 2018

Principal’s Proud Board ~ January 2018

Principal’s Proud Board The following students have been highlighted on the Principal’s Proud Board this month for their fine accomplishments in school. Kindergarten:...


Updates from the Principal


January 2018

January 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Happy New Year! As we kick off 2018, it is a wonderful time to reflect on all that we have to be thankful for. Each and every day, I feel extremely fortunate to be working within a supportive community with a fine group of talented students and staff members!

As we move into the New Year, we will be working with your children to not only help them to set new goals, but to also help them to build their stamina and perseverance for completing assignments. In order for children to be successful in the 21st Century, they will need to develop work habits that will help them acquire the GRIT they will need in order to stay committed to seeing learning tasks to their full completion, while at the same time striving to reach their highest academic potential.

At times, we find students have finished their assignments, however more effort could have been put forth when completing the learning tasks. We need to help children to develop a sense of pride in completing their work, rather than just working to complete assignments.

To teach children how to persevere, we need to help them to appreciate that success comes when we don’t give up and we put our ALL into what we are working to accomplish; when we work hard to meet a goal, most times we achieve it! We can model this by pointing out the goals we set for ourselves in order help our children see how our commitment and hard work really do pay off for the greater good.

It is also important for children to understand that no one is perfect and that making errors is very much a part of learning. We need to feel confident in pointing out the mistakes that we make and in order to help our children to see how to work through challenges or obstacles to make improvements.

To motivate your child to put forth his/her best effort, you can use positive comments such as:

– “I know you can do it if you keep trying.”
– “I am impressed with how hard you are working; you never give up!”
– “I love to see the effort you are putting forth; your hard work is sure to pay off!”

Further, help your child to identify successful people around them, pointing out not only their fine accomplishments, but also the hard work and discipline it took to make it possible.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me by emailing me at JNeumeye@trumbullps.org or by calling 203-452-4433.

Happy New Year!
Mrs. Neumeyer



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