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A NOTE FROM OUR NURSE ~ February 2018

Healthy Sleep Habits: How Many Hours Does Your Child Need? The American Academy of Pediatrics endorses the recommendations developed by the American Academy of Sleep...

Art Room ~ Mrs. Grabinski ~ February 2018

Art Room ~ Mrs. Grabinski ~ February 2018

Happy February from the Art Room! Please check out the photos from our annual 3D Tashua art display at The Trumbull Public Library! 5th Grade Symmetrical Paper...

P.E. ~ MS. GIBSON ~ February 2018

P.E. ~ MS. GIBSON ~ February 2018

Tashua School Olympics will be in full force at the end of February. The Opening ceremonies are a very special event. One student will be honored from each class,...

A Note From Music ~ Mr. Cohen ~ February 2018

A Note From Music ~ Mr. Cohen ~ February 2018

February is Black History Month and a wonderful opportunity for Tashua students to experience African-American music throughout history. Students will get a chance...

LIBRARY ~ MS. CASSIDY ~ February 2018

LIBRARY ~ MS. CASSIDY ~ February 2018

Tashua School has some exciting news! Thanks to the generosity of the PTA and PTSA we will again be hosting an author visit this year. On Wednesday, March 21st,...



Thanks a Million, LearnZillion: How to support your mathematician with an online resource Have you ever tried to help your child with his or her math homework only...


The Reading Connection ~ February 2018

We hope that all Tashua families have gotten off “with a ROAR” during the month of January. Winter can provide a wonderful opportunity to cozy up with our families...


Congratulations to our “Reflections” Winners!

Photography-Primary: 1st Place: Lance Wu 2nd Place: Anika Srivastava Photography-Intermediate: 1st Place: Hope Platt 2nd Place: Cameron Blazer 3rd Place: Jaret Zielinski...

Principal’s Proud Board ~ February 2018

Principal’s Proud Board ~ February 2018

Principal’s Proud Board The following students have been highlighted on the Principal’s Proud Board this month for their fine accomplishments in school. Kindergarten:...


A NOTE FROM OUR NURSE ~ January 2018

When to Keep Your Sick Child Home from School It can be difficult to decide when your child is too sick for school. Common sense, concern for your child’s well-being...


Updates from the Principal


February 2018

February 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians:

As we start the month of February, kindness, generosity, and friendship are certainly on our minds at Tashua School! This month, we will be completing a One Book, One School read of the picture book Ordinary Mary’s, Extraordinary Deed by Emily Pearson. Students will be meeting with their buddy classes to enjoy this story and gain an appreciation of how small acts of kindness can accumulate quickly, and often times become contagious!

In addition, during the week of February 12th – 15th, we will be celebrating Kindness Week. Our student council is in the process of preparing events for each day of this week to encourage kids to continue to exhibit kindness for others. More information will be coming soon!

Further, this month we will be focusing on the “E” for Empathy in our T.I.G.E.R.S acronym. Teachers will be working with students to help them to understand how their actions and the actions of others could make someone else feel. This message is reinforced in our school song, “How would I feel if someone did that to me?” Teachers will be using classroom meetings and lessons to help our students value the importance of this character trait. Students continue to “Earn Tiger Stripes” as they are recognized for exhibiting these positive character traits at school. In addition, as classroom positive behavior charts are filled, the class will earn a “Stripe” to be posted on the large Tashua Tiger in our lobby on the bulletin board outside of the gym. As we reach our goals, school-wide celebrations occur. So far this year, our student body has earned a school-wide dance party celebration.

Finally, as a staff, we have continued to focus on our school-wide goal of helping students to develop stamina and perseverance and to be mindful and reflective of their daily assignments and actions. During the month of January, we were fortunate to have Scarlett Lewis, founder of the Jessie Lewis Choose Love Foundation, present at our faculty meeting. Sadly, Scarlett lost her son during the Sandy Hook tragedy. As a result, she has worked to develop Choose Love lessons for teachers to share with their students. In addition, the foundation has recently released a Choose Love Program for home. This program can be viewed at https://www.jesselewischooselove.org/choose-love-home-program/. We are hoping Scarlett will be able to present at an upcoming PTA meeting.

Thank you for ALL that you do to help our students, your children, to be the best that they can be socially, emotionally and academically! Your partnership and continued support is greatly appreciated!

Mrs. Neumeyer



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