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Trumbull Public Schools Summer Reading 2015




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Here is a copy of the 2015 Summer Letter:

Dear Parents,

Reading research has shown that reading just a few minutes a day significantly increases a child’s
reading ability. The books selected for Trumbull’s Summer Reading Program are chosen to
make reading an enjoyable part of your child’s life. Your support is essential. You can make
this program successful by the positive attitude you take toward reading and by the
encouragement you show your child as he/she participates.
To develop these reading lists, we have sought the support of Trumbull teachers, parents,
librarians, and our students. A complete list and additional suggested titles with a short
description is available on the TPS website. The Curriculum Department recommends that you
review these lists and make your own decision based on the suitability of the books for your
individual child. While the books on these lists are recommended, you may supplement the
selections with books you and your child enjoy. The Trumbull Public Library is a great resource
for books. Please ask the Children’s Service Staff in the library for assistance. They are eager to
help. It is in every child’s best interest to read regularly. Also, there are links on the TPS
website to the state and other summer reading lists.
We want to support children in our Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge and record the
number of books read on your school’s reading calendar or form as well. Return the calendar to
your child’s reading teacher during the first week of school. As a follow-up to summer reading,
teachers will conduct a book share day in the beginning of the year at which time students will
present an interesting character and/or memorable scene from one of the books they read during
the summer.
Let’s make this our most successful summer by reading daily and recording those titles. Every
book counts for the Governor’s Challenge. Schools with the highest participation and number of
books read will be recognized by the state.
Something NEW! This year we have an online reporting system for summer reading. Your
child can either use the paper copy or go online to the TPS website and look for Summer
Reading Log. There are student volunteers who can help with the process at the Trumbull Public
Library. Check with the staff in the Children’s Room for availability.
Enjoy a wonderful summer of reading!
Terry Buckingham
Program Leader for Language Arts