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TIGER TECH~ MR. RICHARD ~ November 2017


How can I help at home?” It’s a common question from parents throughout their child’s education. One way to help with technology at home is to allow time to practice keyboarding. In many classes, efficient keyboarding is just as important as handwriting! As students complete more and more of their everyday work and assessments using technology, keyboarding skills can make a big difference!
How can you help? For younger students, it might be as simple as allowing them time to “play” on a laptop, PC, or Chromebook instead of the tablet to find the keys on the keyboard. Playing games on ABCya.com is a great place to start.
To quickly find typing activities, search “typing”. They’ll show the suggested grade level so you can help your
child select a game appropriate to their level.

For older students, grades 2-5, they might already be working on the Typing Club Web App. This app saves their progress when tied to their @trumbullps.net Google account and reinforces proper finger placement using the “home keys”.
This structured practice is the best way to build speed. Moving away from the “hunt and peck” method helps students by allowing them to focus on getting their ideas down, not finding the right key!
Want to motivate them? Show off your own keyboarding skills by typing something without even looking at the computer screen. Look at them while you type! They’ll think you’re some kind of wizard! Talk about why you type so well. It’s all about hand placement and practice!

Todd Richard
Technology Integration Specialist
Tashua School

November 2017 Tiger Times