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TIGER TECH~ MR. RICHARD~ November 2016




Tashua students and teachers are putting our iPads, PCs, and Chromebooks to use every day in their
classrooms, the library – media center, and the computer lab.
Kindergartners are working on their mouse skills, employing fine-motor skills as they learn to
navigate a desktop computer.
First graders are getting to know the PebbleGo online database as they prepare for an upcoming
research project. Also in the primary grades, students are using iPads and desktop computers to read
and listen to reading as part of the Daily Five. Second graders will soon begin working on
Chromebooks. This will give them access to the Google Apps for Education suite, currently used by
3rd-5th graders, and open up a new world of educational opportunities across all subject areas.
In C-wing, third graders are working on building their keyboarding skills and stamina to be able to
generate faster writing on the computer. Students utilize the Typing Club online app which they can
access through their Google accounts. The use of proper finger placement is stressed to maximize
typing speed.
In fourth and fifth grades, students have been using Google Maps to get a better sense of geography.
With Google Earth embedded in Maps, they can take a 3D look around the world, or explore their
own backyards. Fourth graders are examining the characteristics of Connecticut four land regions,
while fifth graders got a good look at how places change at different latitudinal and longitudinal


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