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Making Music

At school, we often create “print” materials using technology. Students craft narratives and informational pieces
using Google Docs. Many can show what they know in Google Slides. Sometimes we need a break from tech
tools that revolve around text.

Fourth grade students recently used the GarageBand app on iPads to produce and record
their own songs based on some quick Olympic research.
GarageBand provides limitless opportunities for music creation for everyone from the
beginner to the highly-skilled musician. With a variety of instruments, which can be played
with just a touch, DJ tools, and a complete recording studio, children and families can spend hours crafting
tunes or just exploring music together.

For those who want to dabble in coding, Google’s Made with Code,
www.madewithcode.com, has a couple of cool music creation projects,
Beats and Music. These online apps allow you to experiment with different
genres and play with musical timing while getting experience using block-
style coding!

Happy music making!


Todd Richard
Technology Integration Specialist
Tashua School

March 2018 Tiger Times