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TIGER TECH~ MR. RICHARD~ December 2016




It’s a busy and exciting time of year in and out of school. In addition to the holiday season, it’s project
season for many students here at Tashua!
First graders completed researching insects using the PebbleGo online database. Now, they are using the
information they collected to become the insect’s voice to teach us about its own body, habitat, and food
using iPads.
In fifth grade, students are working in groups to script, storyboard, and animate videos that review their
knowledge of topics from their Earth, Sun, and Moon unit. Not only that, they will be responsible for
helping to create a Google Forms quiz to wrap up the unit!
Second and third graders are practicing their Google Apps skills as they prepare for upcoming projects
demonstrating their knowledge of clouds and animal adaptations respectively.
To wrap up their Erosion unit, fourth graders designed and created erosion control models to help
protect a piece of land from a flowing river. They documented their trials using iPads and are sharing
their photos with their classmates to review and reflect on Google Drive.
This busy time of year is a great time


Tiger Times December 2016