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Students in first grade just completed Eric Carle March Madness to
choose their favorite book.
Tashua teachers and staff recorded Eric Carle books for the first
graders to enjoy using the Shadow Puppets app! These videos
were shared on Google Drive, and students had the chance to
listen to them during their reading time.
To listen, students used an iPad to scan a book’s QR code. The code
took them right to the recording of the book so they could listen
and read along.
Sixteen books entered the competition, but Hello, Red Fox, read by
Ms. Cassidy, was voted the winner!
Our kindergarten
students have been working on formatting text and objects. Students
collaborated on a Google Slides presentation and created their own
colorful name posters.
The end product looks simple, but it required them to learn and
practice several skills; inserting word art, using CTRL+C and CTRL+V
keyboard commands for copying and pasting, changing font styles, and
formatting the text color and line color.
It is amazing to see their skills grow as the year goes

April 2017 Tiger Times