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The Reading Connection ~ October 2018


The Literacy Corner

We are so excited to welcome everyone back to Tashua School. We hope everyone enjoyed their summer and had the opportunity to read some great books! 144 students participated in the Governor’s Reading Challenge – WOW!!! Students who read and completed their summer reading will receive a $5 coupon for our Scholastic Book fair. Once again, thanks so much to our PTA for sponsoring!
The classroom teachers have been busy getting to know your children as readers and writers. We are currently in the midst of assessing the students’ specific reading strengths and areas of instructional need to support daily literacy instruction. This year we are using the 3rd Edition of the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System. This is a more rigorous assessment that will help us set learning goals with our students that meet the Connecticut State Standards. We are also so excited to be implementing Teacher’s College Reading Units of Study across all grade levels this year. The reading units will complement the growth we’ve seen using the T.C. Writing Units of study over the last three years.
Continue to be a literacy family – Below are some ways parents can support reading and writing at home!


1. Let your children see you read for pleasure. Share vocabulary, quotes, characters, and the story with them. Compare similarities and differences between your book and the books your children are reading. Visit the library!!!
2. Let your children see you write for pleasure. Send family letters to relatives or friends. Let everyone in the family contribute a part or an illustration.
3. Encourage your child to bring their writer’s notebook whenever they go on family outings. Whether it’s to grandma’s house, a soccer game or restaurant, there will be plenty to notice, wonder and write about.
4. Have your children select three things they want to include in a story. Make up a story that includes those three things. For example, the selections might be a princess, a race car, and an ice cream cone. The children will love helping you find clever ways to include three things in the story.
5. Make a family book that is a collection of stories: favorite stories retold generation after generation or stories of family events (first visit by the tooth fairy). Any time that stories are recorded, younger children can dictate to an older family member.
6. Help your child find a place in your home that is his/her favorite reading spot. Put a basket of books near the spot. Include pens, crayons, pencils, erasers and paper in the basket to encourage writing too. Every now and then, put a “literacy gift” in their basket to discover and explore.
7. Read aloud to your child. Talk about the pictures. Make predictions about a story and see if they come true. Read aloud a chapter-book before bed.
8. Take books on trips with you. Read to your child on vacations – or even grab an audio book from the library that the whole family can enjoy on a long driving trip!
9. Leave notes for your child in their lunch box or around the house. Ask your child to leave notes for you. Have your child create a to-do or shopping list.
10. Encourage friends and relatives to give books to your child as gifts. Markers, colored pencils, pads of paper make excellent birthday or holiday gifts.
11. Subscribe to a children’s magazine and have the magazine sent directly to your child. Share the excitement when it arrives. Bathrooms are a great place to leave a pile of magazines. ?
12. Play word games such as Scrabble Junior, Boggle, ABC Bingo, Word Concentration, etc. Tell jokes, riddles and limericks. See how many words rhyme with ______.

Mrs. Knapp & Mrs. Kunschaft

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