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The Reading Connection ~ February 2019


The Reading Connection – Mrs. Knapp & Mrs. Kunschaft

Reading Fluency

What is fluency?

Reading fluency is the ability to read with accuracy, speed (appropriate rate), expression, and comprehension.

  • Accuracy-the child recognizes most words automatically with little effort or attention
  • Speed-the child’s reading rate (not too fast & not too slow)
  • Expression-the child uses phrasing, tone, and pitch so that oral reading sounds conversational
  • Comprehension-the child understands what s/he is reading-this is supported by the first 3 bullets


Why is fluency important?

Children who are fluent readers are better able to devote their attention to comprehending the text. A child’s oral reading fluency is an indicator of his/her silent reading fluency (which is the majority of reading that children do-especially as they get older).


Fluency Tips for Parents

Regardless of how old your child is, the most effective way you can support reading fluency is reading aloud to your child and modeling what oral reading fluency sounds like. Here are some other suggestions for you!

  • Echo reading-have your child track the words while you read the text aloud. Then, have your child reread the same portion of text just as you did.
  • Allow your child to read his/her favorite books over and over again. Encourage your child to work on improving his/her smoothness and reading with expression.
  • Remind your child to look for punctuation while reading and use them to support their phrasing and expression. Punctuation is just as important to comprehension as the words themselves (ex. “Let’s eat, grandpa!” versus “Let’s eat grandpa!”).
  • Have your child read aloud to you once a day…and it doesn’t just have to be books! They can read recipes, captions for a TV show, signs in stores-there are lots of environmental/functional print they can use!
  • Audio books are another great model for oral reading fluency
  • Most importantly, make sure your child has access to appropriate leveled texts that s/he enjoys!


Happy reading,

Mrs. Kunschaft & Mrs. Knapp


Adapted from:

Fluency Strategies & Assessments by Jerry L. Johns & Roberta L. Berglund



Mrs. Knapp & Mrs. Kunschaft

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