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The PTA Presents……Steven Swinburne





Steve Swinburne, the noted author of over 20 childrens’ books will be visiting Tashua School on Wednesday, April 23.  Mr. Swinburne is passionate about the natural world, loves to observe nature and wildlife, and is an advocate for endangered animals. To find out more about our exciting author you can visit his website at www.steveswinburne.com.


Mr. Swinburne will present a program titled “All About Tree Swallows” to Grades K-2. He will use slides to show a birdhouse being constructed to attract tree swallows and detail the tree swallow lifecycle and migration.  He will even include tips on how to attract them to your yard!   Mr. Swinburne will present the “ABC’s of Manatees” to grades 3 and 5.  In this program he will explore the manatee’s fascinating biology by taking the students into the backwaters of Florida where the manatee swims.  We will learn about the biologists who rescue and rehabilitate these animals when they are wounded as well as the threats that manatees face.  Finally, Mr. Swinburne will run a Writers Workshop for the 4th grade, focusing on a particular area selected by our 4th grade teachers – strong verbs, interesting details, or perhaps writing a great lead.  Steve will provide instruction to students and then they will write.  To end the session there will be a group critique led by Mr. Swinburne.


Students will have the opportunity to purchase books by the author in preparation for the big day.  A flyer will be sent home in March with a list of books and prices. On the day of his visit, Mr. Swinburne will autograph books and then they will be sent home for you to enjoy with your child. Additionally, you may purchase books through the spring book fair, local bookstores, or online.  Just make sure you send them into the classroom by April 21 so they are ready for signature when the big day arrives!


We look forward to another fabulous author visit.