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Tashua School PTA Parent Express – Sept. 11, 2014


fund goalFAMILY FUNDRAISER 2014-15


Tashua PTA Fundraising will begin this week.  You have two great options to make a contribution towards the many wonderful PTA funded programs.  Get involved in one or both to help us reach a combined goal of $12,000 and 100% participation.  Direct donation forms and Genevieve’s catalogs will be sent home this week.  We couldn’t run many of the enriching events without each and everyone’s support.

One option to participate in our Family Fundraiser is to make a direct monetary tax deductible contribution. Many companies will do a company match as well.  For every $50 donation, your family will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to Southport Brewing Company and Local.


or visit our school website:



Direct donation deadline is Oct. 17.

Contact Christa Consla with any questions.  christaconsla@yahoo.com


[Hidden image]The second option is to purchase wrapping paper and many other gifts from Genevieve’s catalog.  Tashua will earn up to 50% profit.  It’s quick and easy with the ability to order directly online and have the items shipped right to your door.

Genevieve’s deadline is Sept 29th.

Contact Mari Jackson with questions.  mjaxrd@yahoo.com