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Updates from the Principal


Updates from the Principal

Image: Orange Heart with Blue Border

 Weekly Update: September 30, 2022

Dear Tashua Families,

Did you know, today is National LOVE people Day? From a gentle word to the gift of needed resources, love provides all forms of support. Help your children find ways to show unconditional love for your neighbors, colleagues, friends, and your community.

  • Volunteer – When you volunteer in your community, you do several things. You keep resources and dollars local. Your efforts help those in your immediate surroundings, lifting them up as you do. You also help create resources that demonstrate your love and that of your community.
  • Share – Whether you share your bounty or praise others’ contributions to their community, you share a message of love and support for your fellow human beings.
  • Give – Giving to others is an act of love. You may not have much to give, but sometimes people don’t need much more than companionship, information, advice, encouragement, or a hug. And all of those are free for the giving.

Source: Nationalcalendarday.com

Fun fact: The intermediate variant between the red heart of love and the yellow heart of friendship is the color orange, which is most associated with warmth, care, and sunshine…just like our Tashua Tigers!  Continue Reading…