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Sledding Safety Tips


kids-on-sledSledding is great fun and good exercise. Putting safety first can prevent injury and a trip to the emergency room. The majority of injuries happen to children age 14 and younger, especially at the end of the sledding path.


Suggestions from the American Academy of Pediatrics include:

-Always sled with adult supervision.

-Consider having your child wear a helmet while sledding.

-Do not sled on streets or near motor vehicles.

-Sit in a forward-facing position with legs extended in front of you.

-Sledding should be done in designated areas such as in a park.

-Use steerable sleds, not snow disks or inner tubes.

-Wear layers of clothing for protection from injuries and cold.

-Keep younger children separated from older children.


My favorite sledding hill is the one at Indian Ledge Park. See you there!

 Susan Quigley, RN, NCSN




January 2016 Tiger Times