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Showing Gratitude in the New Year


The holidays tend to be a period when stress runs at its highest, last-minute gift shopping, traveling, end of the year deadlines at work, and everyone is off their routine. Often times we need a vacation to recuperate from the holidays.

On the other hand the holidays, New Year’s in particular, brings a time of reflection which reminds us to be mindful not only of ourselves but of others. With the New Year just starting, we encourage everyone to take the opportunity to express gratitude to those around you.

Studies have found that exercises involving gratitude can improve overall well-being, both physically and mentally. In other words, expressing thanks to loved ones not only makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside, but you as the giver reap a number of mental and physical health benefits as well.

Here are some ways to increase mindfulness and show gratitude in our daily lives:

At the end of each day, write down three good things that happened to you and why they happened for a week or so. Keeping a journal helps us track positivity and can also be a good tool to reflect upon when having a bad day.

Think about someone in your life who means a lot to you or has been especially kind to you. Write a letter of gratitude to this person, and have a discussion about it afterwards if possible. This can be a very meaningful experience for both people.

Finally, take a mindful minute for yourself. Sit in silence and meditate on your day. Reflect on the highs and lows and then say, “tomorrow is a new day!” Take 10 deep belly breaths and be on your way.

Encourage or share these experiences with your children. Remember, we teach by example and there are no greater teachers than us for our children.

Happy New Year!


The Counselor Corner:
Mrs. Paredes, School Psychologist & Ms. Sweeney, Social Worker
January Tiger Times 2016