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Physical Education Curriculum


Explanation of What Students Do and Lean in PE

Physical Education is an important part of your child’s day. The students are developing and improving their personal fitness and motor skills through a series of games and activities that are purposeful and enjoyable.

Every child is expected to participate to the best of their ability every day. If for some reason they cannot, please send in a note. Please be specific as to whether you want them to sit out or if you want them to be able to make the decision if they are feeling better. They can be excused for two consecutive days without a doctor’s note. Beyond that, you must obtain a physician’s note and take it to the nurse.

Safety is very important while playing. Therefore, sneakers with Velcro or laces must be worn. Any shoes that have an opening in the toe, heel or forefoot are not allowed. Students should wear shorts, sweatpants, or loose pants and a t-shirt on PE days. Anyone who has long hair should have it tied back and away from their faces; boys or girls. Skirts can be worn but with shorts underneath.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at trichard@trumbullps.org I look forward to working with your child this year!

Mr. Richard