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Report Cards & Parent/Teacher Conferences


PARENT – TEACHER CONFERENCES:  Conferences are an opportunity for teachers and parents to share important information about students.  Sign-up sheets for appointments will be available in your child’s classroom at Back to School Night.  We urge you to attend.   Here are the conference dates for this 2013-2014 school year:

  • Thursday afternoon, November 7th
  • Wednesday afternoon, November 13 th
  • Thursday evening, November 14th

REPORT CARDS: Your child’s report card will also provide valuable information about your child.  Report cards will be issued three times during the school year according to the following schedule:

  •  November 22nd
  • March 10th
  • The last day of school

These dates are subject to change if school is canceled for any reason.

SPECIAL RESOURCES FOR FAMILIES AND STUDENTS:  If you are concerned about your child’s development or suspect that your child may be experiencing a problem with speech, hearing, language, vision, movement, behavior, socialization or learning, contact:  Trumbull Public Schools at 452-4504.

SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST AND SOCIAL WORKER:  The school psychologist and social worker are available to assist children and families in matters pertaining to children’s success in school and family issues.  Confidentiality is always respected.  Any family wishing to speak to either Lindsay Ross (school psychologist) or Ellen Lacko (school social worker) should call 452-4431.