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P.E. ~ MS. GIBSON – October 2015


Students in Physical Education Classes have been very busy working out! Grades 3-5 have completed the CT Physical Fitness Test. Grades k-2 are learning about flexibility through yoga tag and other warm up games. I suggested to the students that they ask their parents to stretch with them at night! The primary students also had a lesson on fire safety and had a homework assignment to discuss exiting your home in case of a fire. Please take the time and discuss this every year.


Don’t forget to have your child wear sneakers to P.E. They can always change into them if they have to wear boots or sandals to school. They should also wear clothes that are comfortable and you can work out in. Skirts and dresses are discouraged as they can get in the way, easily rip, or get caught in the wheels of the scooters if we are using them. Also, long hair should be pulled back and away from their face. Thanks!


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