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P.E. ~ MS. GIBSON ~ September 2016



Students are off to a great start in PE! Here are a few reminders that will help your child to have a
successful year in PE.
1. Students must wear sneakers to class. No flip flops, boots, crocs, open toed sandals, sport
sandals such as Keens, any type of shoe that does not cover the entire foot, or heels.
2. If your child wears a skirt, please have them wear shorts underneath.
3. A student must have a note from home stating that they are excused from PE for the day. Any
excuses that are longer than two classes in a row require a doctor’s note.
Grades K-2 students have been working on their loco motor skills and spatial awareness. Feel
free to have them show you how they skip, hop, leap, jump, gallop, side-slide and run. They’ve
also been working on moving at different levels, different tempo’s, directions and pathways.
It’s fun to combine all of the ways to move and to be creative in how to do it!
Grades 3-5 have been working on building class teamwork and working cooperatively
together. They’ve built hula hoop huts as a team. After learning how to build them quickly we
played Hula Hut Throw Down. This was a great game that combined teamwork and strategy.
In addition, all of the classes are preparing for the CT Physical Fitness Test. This test begins in
October and consists of 4 components: sit-ups, push-ups, pacer, the mile run, and sit and
reach. Each class will practice the test first, then have an official testing day. If you have any
questions about the test, please feel free contact me or look online at


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