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P.E. ~ MS. GIBSON ~ November 2016



Students in grades K-2 have been working very hard on their listening, loco motor skills and rolling.
They have learned how to play a favorite game called, Aloha Ball. This game involves being able to
roll and dodge balls that are coming at you. It also teaches teamwork because if you get hit with a
ball, you must enter the cave. While in the cave the only way to get free is if someone throws you the
pretty flowered ball. Once you get that ball, you and your friends are free and back into the game.
This provides quite a challenge for K students as it is the first time they have played a game against
another team with boundaries. All students also have been working on building their endurance and
running several laps in the gym.
Grades 3-5 have been working very diligently on the CT Physical Fitness Test. All of the classes are
more than half way through the four challenges. I like to remind the students that this test is about
your physical condition. Each student should try to beat their personal best and not worry about the
others. We also work on encouraging everyone to cheer for each other and to celebrate the success of
others. We will be wrapping up the testing within the next two weeks.


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