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P.E. ~ MS. GIBSON ~ May 2019



Students in all classes have been working on their circus skills! Circus skills develop, balance, hand/ eye coordination, confidence, focus, and overall coordination. Students are learning how to juggle scarves and balls, balance feathers, walk on stilts, catch a ball in a cup, use the Chinese yo-yo and angel sticks.

For the remainder of the year we will be completing our fitness testing, reviewing skills previously learned in other areas, and preparing for summer fun with backyard games.

As the weather changes from day to day, please be sure to dress appropriately for fitness. And as a reminder, sneakers are always required regardless of the temperature!

Reminder about Dress and Footwear

Please remember sandals and flip-flops are not safe for play on the playground or in the gym. Additionally, short shorts and midriff type shirts are not permitted per BOE policy.