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P.E. ~ MS. GIBSON ~ April 2019



March Madness Came to the Tashua PE department!

Grades K-2: Students worked hard to improve their hand-eye coordination with their hand dribbling skills! Focus was placed on keeping their eyes up so they can watch where they’re going. Dribbling games were played to see how long they could keep a continuous dribble going and to see if they could stay away from a defender and we also practiced shooting baskets. Even though these students are small, they are mighty! We had a variety of heights for our baskets so students were able to challenge themselves according to their skill level. Games like Hot Spots and Make it and Take it were a big hit!

Grades 3-5: Students worked on their hand dribbling and shooting skills. At this level students should be able to continuously dribble a ball under control.  Passing and tag were incorporated into many of our warm-ups, and shooting competitions were a favorite! One game, Shu-Shu was a huge hit with all classes. Students shot a certain number of baskets at their hoop with their teammates. Once they reached their goal, they got to, “shu-shu” the dribbling team in the center circle. If they were the team that was in the circle when the time was up, they won! We also played Bunko which focuses on good shooting skills and teamwork as they are competing against another team at their basket.

We finished the month off with some outstanding leadership from the APEX group. All students were taught fitness/sport moves and that was incorporated into a routine. They also were all taught about how to become and live the life of a good leader. Each child was given a bracelet for each lesson. Hopefully students will continue those lessons and not forget what we learned!