October 2014


Dear Parents/Guardians:

It is hard to believe we are already one month into the school year! I am pleased to report that our students have settled nicely into the daily routines of school; they are focused on their learning goals and striving to meet success!

To ensure continued academic success, here are some helpful suggestions for establishing nightly routines of completing homework:

Strategies for Assisting with Homework

  • SPACE: Provide a quiet, well-lit place to complete homework. Make sure all materials are available and avoid having the radio or television on to minimize distractions. Keep interruptions by siblings and friends to a minimum as well.
  • SCHEDULE: Make studying, not homework alone, a daily habit. Don’t ask your child if he/she has homework each night – assume that he/she always has homework or studying to do. Establish a set time for homework and/or studying. It is not a good idea to do homework before bedtime or to leave long or involved projects for the last minute.
  • MODEL: Model organizational techniques, work habits, and consider doing “adult homework” while your child completes his/her homework.
  • ATTITUDE: Show your child you think homework is important. The attitude you express about school and homework will be the attitude your child acquires. Set clear expectations.
  • SUPPORT: Check homework and be available for assistance. When your child asks for help, provide guidance, NOT answers.
  • INVOLVEMENT: Take an active interest in your child’s schooling. Be in contact with your child’s teacher and do not wait until grades come out to discover there is a problem. Take your child’s difficulties seriously; help devise a plan to assist him/her with difficulties at school.
  • ENCOURAGEMENT: To help build self-esteem, knowledge your child for good effort, as well as good performance.
  • Adapted from: http://www.broward.k12.fl.us/studentsupport/psychologicalservices

Tashua School will be hosting Open House on October 28th for parents with children in grades Kindergarten and Grade 3 and on October 29th for parents with children in grades 1, 2, 4 and 5. Classroom teachers will soon be sending home invitations with designated times for parents/guardians to visit the classroom. Please be on the lookout for this information.

While visiting in the classrooms please remember the following:

  • A maximum of 12 parents/guardians will be in a classroom at a time
  • Visitation Day will not be open to grandparents, infants, or pre-school children
  • Cell phones should be turned off or put on silent mode
  • Photographing or videotaping will not be allowed
  • Coffee or food will not be permitted in the classrooms

Classroom Visitation Day is a wonderful time to see your child in action and we hope you will be able to join us!

Halloween parties will be held in the classrooms on Friday, October 31st. We will also having our annual Halloween Parade at 2:30 on this day.  If you would like to see the students in costume, you are welcome to meet us out on the playground as we march outside from A-wing to C-wing.

Each year we hold a Veterans’ Day Assembly to honor and thank veterans for their service and sacrifices.  We invite several local veterans to be our guests of honor at our assembly.  If you have a local family member or friend that has served in the armed forces that you would like our planning committee to consider inviting to be one of our guests, please contact Cat Lamy at: lamy@snet.net

Please remember to sign in at the office when you enter the building. All visitors must obtain a Visitor’s Badge. It is very important that every parent and visitor in our building, regardless of the length of time that will be spent in the building, follows this procedure. We feel that this policy is in the best interest of the safety of our children.

I hope you will be able to attend our first “Coffee with the Principal” on Wednesday, October 15th at 8:45 a.m. in the cafeteria. This is an opportunity to learn more about the events that are occurring at Tashua School and to share your thought and ideas to further strengthen our school.

Enjoy the fall season!

Mrs. Neumeyer