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New Tashua Families Committee Description


2014-15 Chair: 

 Chair: Kristi Adorante: kadorante@yahoo.com

Date usually held: We usually meet once in April and a few times over the summer

Description: Our committee assists new families with the transition to a new school. At the beginning of the school year, children from new families are matched with a buddy from their class and a meeting is held to introduce new students and their buddies. Other new family activities include a New Families Reception and Playdates on the Playground for new and kindergarten families in August.

Duties:  Holding about 3-4 committee meetings a year, matching new students with buddies and planning a meeting of new student families and buddy families on the day of the teachers’ open house, planning a New Families reception to be held a week or two before the start of school, organizing playdates on the playground for kindergarten and new families, which is held on the Tashua playground once a week in August; preparing flyers and doing mailings to set up these events, giving informational packets to families that move in during the school year, making welcome calls to new kindergarten families.

Characteristics/Skills Needed:  Good organizational skills, excellent people skills and friendly personality

Time Needed: 1-2 hours a month during the school year, 2-4 hours a week in August

Helpful Tools:  Experience with planning receptions

Personal Benefits:   Meeting new people

Lifespan of committee: The busy time of the year for this committee is during the summer months, especially August, when the committee is planning two receptions, hosting play dates on the playground, and matching buddies with new students. There is very little work to do in the fall. The committee starts to get active when it is time to meet and prepare flyers and letters in the spring.