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Mother’s Day Plant Sale Committee Description


2014-15 Chairs:
Holly Flores &  Mona Sze

Date usually held:  Will be held in May, the Friday before Mother’s Day.

Description:  Sale of plants to students providing them an opportunity to surprise their mothers with something special.

Duties:  Order plants from wholesaler; purchase and cut foil; get donation of grocery bags; get start up cash and PTA check for payment; recruit volunteers for delivery and working of sale; have tables set up; make and put up posters; circulate flyer; post teacher sign-up sheet; print raffle tickets and put in teacher’s mailboxes; count and organize plants upon delivery; work the sale; count money and calculate profit; deliver money to treasurer; thank all volunteers. 

Characteristics/Skills Needed:  Desire to help children; basic money skills; knowledge of plants
Time Needed:  Minimal planning and preparation time to order plants, cut foil, etc.; 2 hours for unloading plants at delivery; one school day to run sale.         

Helpful Tools:  Past year sales in decision-making with ordering; basic math skills; organization and neatness helps. 

Personal Benefits: The wonderful feeling of watching a child pick out something for their mothers!  Helping the school financially even though the original goal of this committee was service-oriented, not fundraising.  Raffling off hanging baskets 2 per grade – the children get so excited!

Lifespan of committee: Early planning in March.  Most of the commitment is late April to the sale.