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Message from the Trumbull Public Schools


This is a message from the Trumbull Public Schools.

Dear Members of the Tashua Community,

Peter Monks is a third grade student at Tashua School who was diagnosed last spring with cancer of the liver. Recently, he finished his fourth round of chemotherapy and was placed on the Organ Donor List as Class 1B. This is a high ranking of priority and the medical team is confident that a liver transplant will occur within the month. However, the Monks family would like to be prepared in the case that a liver does not become available. The liver is an organ that can regenerate and a living donor is possible. Unfortunately, Peter’s family has been tested and there isn’t a match. I am attaching a memo that they have drafted to inform people of the living donor requirements and the process. Please consider being tested to be a donor for Peter. Sincerely, Mrs. Neumeyer

2014-09-10-10-50-56_LIVER DONOR NEEDED FOR PETER MONKS (3)