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Noetic Math Contest
This April, 62 students from Tashua School led by Mrs. Marini competed
in the Noetic Learning Math Contest.
The Noetic Learning Math Contest is a national elementary math problem solving contest held
twice a year. There was participation by over 24,000 young mathletes representing over 600
schools in 47 states across the country. The purpose of the contest is to encourage students’
interest in math and to inspire students to excel in math. The contest results show that our
students can rise to the occasion and can meet the challenge. It also demonstrates our
students’ great math skills and talents.

The following students are the team winners:
3rd Grade Team Winner: Mitchell Haynes
4th Grade Team Winner: Matthew Kalarickal
5th Grade Team Winner: Jared Haynes

The following students won the National Honor Roll title. This title is awarded to approximately
the top 10% of participating mathletes.
•Mitchell Haynes Grade 3
•Alexis Abellard Grade 3
•Rithik Gunda Grade 3
•Mathew Kalarickal Grade 4
•Jared Haynes Grade 5

The following students received the National Honorable Mention. This title is awarded to
approximately the top 50% of participating mathletes.
3rd Graders: Alexa Palo, Ali Hassan, Asher Congdon, Caden Christopher, Dean Jackson, Elisa
Alt, Isabelle Li, Jason Costello, Leo Horbach, Madeline McKeon, Matthew Sullivan, Michael
4th Graders: Aarav Modi, Aradhya Jalan, Blake Taraska, Edward Ye, Grace Bartlett,
Jaret Zielinski, Kaelon Commodore, Kate Bhagirathy, Parker Seastrong, Robert Claypoole,
Scotty Targowski, Will Hu, William Nagy, Yuvi Kapoor

5th Graders: Abigail Lee, Andre Luis Espiritu, Chloe Abellard, Jack Nolan, Jason Lambert, Kyle
Engen, Logan Blazer, Michael Ventresca, Owen Bull, Patrick Allen, Samantha Mitchell, Shriya
Sakalkale, Susmita Ponnaganti
Congratulations to all the winners and participants!


Michelle Marini Math Specialist

May 2017 Tiger Times