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What Does Math Class Look Like These Days?

If you were to walk into your child’s classroom you would likely be quite surprised at some of
the significant changes. I strongly believe you would be seeing children learning more
challenging and engaging content in a much more dynamic and interesting environment. What
would you see?
• Students gathered together in meeting areas in front of Smart Boards.
• Students using math tools and other materials which are organized for easy
student access.
• Students working in different configurations at different times: alone, partners,
small groups, whole group.
• Students modeling mathematical ideas using equations, number lines, arrays, and
area models.
• Students using different strategies to solve problems and compute flexibly.
• Students practicing strategies that promote fact fluency.
• Students talking to one another as well as to their teacher about alternative ways
they used to solve problems.
• Students justifying their thinking and explaining their solutions.
• Students applying their knowledge to new and practical situations.
•Students engaged in the Mathematical Practices and learning the Mathematical
Content of the Common Core.
• Students using numbers flexibly.
• Teachers and students working together to explore mathematical ideas and make
sense of mathematics.

Michelle Marini Math Specialist

March 2017 Tiger Times