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Making Time to Play is Making Time for Math

d be an excellent idea to spend time playing games as a family. Playing games with your child provides time for individual attention and allows you to gain a better understanding of your child’s thinking and reasoning. Board games may help to reinforce number and shape recognition, one-to one and group counting, as well as lengthen your child’s attention span for multi-step tasking. Good games promote more than concepts and skills. They encourage children to invent and test multiple strategies, persevere through problems, communicate, negotiate rules and meanings, cooperate and reason. These are important habits that great mathematicians develop! You may find the cold months ahead may provide a great opportunity to spend some quality family time playing games! When you play games together, you should encourage your child to discuss and evaluate his/her strategies, and consider new approaches and solutions. Furthermore, please be sure to take the time to play games your child’s teacher may be sending home. These games are a valuable component in strengthening math ideas, skills and reasoning. If you are looking to purchase new games to enhance your child’s mathematical experiences, you may want to visit: www.mindwareonline.com

Michelle Marini Math Specialist

Tiger Times January 2017