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LIBRARY~MS. CASSIDY – October 2015



In October students in kindergarten and first grade are getting into the routine of borrowing books. We are discussing the role of author and illustrator and kindergarten is practicing being an illustrator themselves. In November first grade will start a mini-research report on holidays – our first of the year!

Second grade has been studying genre and in particular, fiction genres: fantasy, realistic and mystery. We discussed that knowing genre helps you as a reader choose and understand books. Students have had to identify the genre of books when checking out so please test them at home too!

Third grade is learning about the different neighborhoods in the library. This week we will discuss the Dewey neighborhood – named after Melvil Dewey, the creator of the Dewey Decimal System. I always get excited about sharing the Dewey neighborhood because it is like knowing a secret code. I tell students that if they know the Dewey number of their favorite books (ex. 796 = sports), they can walk into any library that uses the Dewey Decimal System and find those exact same type of books! It’s like magic.

Fourth grade will be studying book awards – the Newbery and Nutmeg. This year they will have the opportunity to participate in the Nutmeg Award voting in April. The Nutmeg Award is specific to Connecticut.  Every year ten fiction novels are nominated and students get to vote for their favorite one in April. Winners are announced in May. Participation is optional but I encourage all interested students to be a part of this exciting event.

Fifth grade reviewed the Dewey neighborhood and is starting project work during science. We are studying the seasons. The project will continue through the first few weeks of November and will culminate with a presentation demonstrating the seasons. Students will be using the App “Puppet Pals” to create a movie demonstrating the seasons – it should be fun!


An Added Note:

Sean Fay Wolfe, teenage author of The Elementia Chronicles, two Minecraft novels, will be at Linda’s Story Time on Friday, November 6th from 4:00 to 6:00 to talk to kids about his books and sign copies of the second book in the series. Linda’s is located in Monroe in the Elm Street Shopping Center, 447 Monroe Turnpike # F, (203) 459-1579.


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