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The library is bustling with year-end projects! Kindergarten is working on their animal research book. In May
they will work on their research facts, cover page, and bibliography. First grade is busy with their Eric Carle
project. We will use an iPad app called Puppet Pals. Second grade is researching American symbols for their
report. Third and fourth grade are starting a unit on internet safety where we will discuss viruses, personal
information and netiquette. Fifth grade is starting their year-end project on the events that led up to the
Revolutionary War.
In April over fifty 4th and 5th graders participated in Nutmeg voting. The Nutmeg Award is decided each year by
a popular vote. Participating upper elementary students vote in April for their favorite of ten nominated fiction
novels and the state winner is announced in May. This year The One and Only Ivan is the Tashua School
winner. We will have to wait until May 15 to learn the state winner.
June brings the close of the library collection. The last day for check-outs is Friday. May 27th and all books
are due Wednesday, June 1st. Fines for lost or damaged books can be in cash or checks made out to Tashua
School. If you have a question about a book and would like me to check the shelves please send me an email
(cassidym@trumbullps.org) and I will be happy to check. Thank you for your help!


Tiger Times May 2016