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May has been a busy month of projects and preparation for year-end events. Kindergarten is
working hard on their animal research books and first grade is teaching me all about writing
workshop as we prepare a special surprise for parents. Second grade is writing poetry and
learning new strategies to use in their poems. Third grade has enjoyed borrowing books and will
hear about summer reading in the weeks to come. Fourth grade is preparing for their state fair
while fifth grade is starting a project incorporating their knowledge of the Revolutionary War
with some fun tech tools.
In June we will have the Trumbull Library visit to share some good reads for summer vacation.
Tashua School will also provide books for check-out from the office over vacation. Just come in
any day the school is open and sign out a book from the cart in the office.
As the end of the year approaches, I need to collect all materials borrowed from the library. All
books are due on June 9th so please help your child locate any missing titles. If a book is lost or
can’t be found, you can send in money or a check made out to Tashua School so that we can
purchase a replacement. If you ever have a question about a book and you would like me to
check the shelves, please do not hesitate to email me and let me know

June 2017 Tiger Times