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LIBRARY ~ MS. CASSIDY ~ February 2019


Library News from Ms. Cassidy

In the Learning Commons this month I will continue to share with grade levels the exciting news about our upcoming author visits. Grades K-2 will visit with Lisa Herrington on April 5th. Since grades 1 and 2 are currently studying non-fiction, Lisa’s informational books are a perfect resource for their reading units of study. Grades 3-5 will visit with Lauren Tarshis, the author of the popular “I Survived” series, on April 26th. We have many of her novels in our collection and students will be able to borrow them in anticipation of her visit.

In addition to author visits, I have been working on projects with several grade levels. Grade 2 is studying the river ecosystem and will be building a beaver habitat in the Commons later this month. Grade 3 is also studying ecosystems and will research animals related to the arctic and rainforest ecosystem. Grade 4 has been working through some internet safety lessons while grade 5 is learning about the invention process by studying other inventor’s lives. Grade 1 is studying non-fiction and shelf arrangement in the Commons while grade K will be exploring some new “neighborhoods” in the library for book selection.


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