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LIBRARY ~ MS. CASSIDY ~ December 2016



In November the Kindergarten students discussed character and setting. In December we will move on to
internet safety where we discuss how important it is to have a trusted adult helping you online. First
grade is finishing up on insect reports and will be starting to research holidays in December. Second
grade is brushing up on their research skills while learning about clouds.
Third grade is studying biomes. They just chose an animal from a biome they are an expert on to
research. Fourth grade finished up a notes review and will shortly start researching regions of the United
States. In fifth grade science the students researched topics related to seasons and space. They will be
using an App – Puppet Pals – to create educational videos to share with their peers. Our next
collaborative project on Explorers will start in December. We have some fun ideas in store for that
project as well!



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