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Library Policies


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Library Hours
The Library Media Center is open during school hours. Students come to the Library with their class once a week for lessons and book exchanges. If they have returned their  books they may check a new book out at that time. In addition, special open exchange hours in the morning let students exchange books before their regular library visit.

Book Amounts
The number of books students can check out from the library depends on their grade level. Kindergarten starts with one book. First and second grade may borrow two books. Third and fourth grade students may borrow three while fifth grade can borrow four. Books can be borrowed for two weeks.

Damaged Books
Periodically notices will be sent home from the library if your child has an overdue book. There are no fees for overdue books but your child may not be able to borrow new books from the library until all overdue materials are returned. If a book is lost or damaged a replacement must be purchased by the library. Please send in cash or a check made out to Tashua School along with the overdue notice.