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Kindergarten Bus Rides Committee Description



Chair: Lisa Bhagirathy:  lisa@bhagirathy.com

Date usually held:  Last week of August and first week of September

Description:  Provide parent chaperones to ride the Kindergarten buses and greet Kindergartners as they get off the bus at school for the first week.

Duties:  Recruit volunteers to act as chaperones, drivers to drive riders home and greeters, create a spreadsheet and communicate information to Principal.

Characteristics/Skills Needed:  Outgoing (to recruit folks), Excel spread sheet skills and organized, ability to handle a bit of stress

Time Needed: Attending all of the Playdates on the Playground meetings in August to recruit volunteers—weekly in August.  Several hours during the week before school starts when the bus schedule comes out you need to fill holes in the schedule. 

Helpful Tools: A computer with Excel

Personal Benefits: It’s a great feeling knowing the Kindergartners are well taken care of and have a warm greeting on their first few days of school.  You also get to meet a lot of people and get lots of praise! 

Lifespan of committee: This is once a year.