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July/August 2014



July/August 2014

Dear Parents,

While the summer is the time for your child to relax, spend more time with family and enjoy playing with their friends, it is important that he or she makes time to read, write and practice math facts.

In order to avoid reading regression over the summer, we are strongly recommending that each child read a minimum of 3 books from the suggested grade level list.  Suggested reading lists along with information regarding the Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge and The First Selectman’s Reading Challenge were sent home with your child’s report card.  You can also download this information from the Trumbull Public Schools’ website:  http://www.trumbullps.org/curriculum/summer-enrichment/reading.html

When completing the Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge, please have your child record the titles of all of the books that he or she reads in the reading journal. The total number of books read by all of our students over the summer will be tallied and submitted to the governor’s office.  Schools with the highest number of books read per student will be recognized in the fall. In addition, our PTA is offering another incentive.  Students who complete and return the Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge during the first week of school will receive a $5.00 gift certificate to be used at our first school book fair.

Students entering grades 4, 5, & 6 are also encouraged to participate in the First Selectman’s Reading Challenge.  Students who read 4 books over the summer vacation will be invited to Town Hall to share their favorite book with the First Selectman Herbst and enjoy an ice cream party!

While reading during the summer is important, we also encourage you to find ways to keep your child writing over the summer.  Your child might enjoy keeping a journal to record their summer adventures.  He or she might like to write letters to friends or relatives while away on vacation.  Try to find real life opportunities to encourage writing.

Along with summer reading and writing, it is important to engage your child in real life math activities. In addition to the math fact practice suggestions that Mrs. Mangini sent home fact with your child’s report card, you can download grade level math packets and suggested websites from the Trumbull Public School website:  http://www.trumbullps.org/curriculum/summer-enrichment/math.html

While it is important for you to keep your children reading, writing and engaging in fun math activities, we also recognize the need for children to have time to play and enjoy a more leisurely pace.   Slow the pace down.  Even the most active child needs time to relax and spend time with his or her family.

If you need additional suggestions, please do not hesitate to call me.  I look forward to seeing you and working with you during the 2014-2015 school year.

Have a wonderful summer!

Jennifer J. Neumeyer