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About the Fathers’ Club


We are a group of Tashua dads that get together to organize fun events like the Monster Mashua, Super Bowl Breakfast, Movie Nights and others to raise money to enhance our children’s school experience.  We also plan “Dad’s Night Out” events during the holidays and a couple sports events in the spring.

In the years past we have purchased many things for our kids at Tashua including the new playground equipment on either side of the swing set, new technology for the classrooms and teachers such as interactive white boards and new computers for the fourth, fifth and sixth grades. One of our goals this year will be to get computers into the first grade classrooms as well as purchase other essentials the school and teachers need. We have a lot of fun putting on these fundraising events and we need your help.

A small amount of time can really add up to huge benefits for our students and school.  We meet once a month.  For information on the next meeting and how to join please send an email to tashuafc@gmail.com.
Thanks and see you soon!
Chris Solustri
Richard Wolf

Tashua Fathers’ Club Co-Presidents

Tashua Fathers’ Club 2019 Budget