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Cooperative Fitness Challenge


This year students in grades 3-5 will be participating in a Cooperative Fitness Challenge. The purpose of the Cooperative Fitness Challenge is to encourage children to become more physically fit while practicing their teamwork and cooperation skills. The Cooperative Fitness Challenge is an electrifying program that requires children to compete in innovative fitness challenges that are not only fun, but also build teamwork and cooperation skills, as most of the challenges require children to work together to complete.  It is composed of a series of six fitness challenges that focus primarily on a child’s cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. Four of the challenges involve kids working with partners while the other two are individual challenges.

The students will have opportunities during p.e. class time to work towards their goals. We will continue this challenge through May 2014. Students will document their progress and will receive awards acordingly. There are Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Improvement Awards. I strongly encourage students to practice the challenges at home. However, testing will only be done during p.e. time. Below I have included a link so that families can practice each challenge. There is a video for all six! Good luck!