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Congratulations to our “Reflections” Winners! Everyone


Everyone did a wonderful job! The entries were unique and represented a great deal of talent. Please congratulate our winners
and those who placed:

Visual Arts Primary: 1st Place: Cameron Blazer, 2nd Place: Tanishka Sharma, 3rd Place: Maeve Gleason
Visual Arts Intermediate: 1st Place: Hope Platt, 2nd Place: Kate Bhagirathy
Literature Primary: 1st Place: Neel Jakka, 2nd Place: Audrey Wu, 3rd Place: Melissa Flores, and Honorable Mention: Chloe Smith
Literature Intermediate: 1st Place: Abigail Burke, 2nd Place: Brianna Jackson, 3rd Place: Bailey Chapin, Honorable Mention:
Taylor McGeachy
Photography Primary: 1st Place: –Luke Nagy
Photography Intermediate: 1st Place: Jaret Zielinski, 2nd Place: Jason Lambert Jr., 3rd Place: William Nagy
Dance Primary: 1st Place: Brooke Lambert
Film Intermediate: 1st Place: Luke Bartolo
Film Intermediate: 1st Place: Yuvraj Kapoor


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