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Community Service Committee Description


Community Service
2015-16 Chair: Beckie Carew
Date usually held:  You decide – We have sponsored monthly community service projects –food drives, writing to troops, singing at nursing homes, sock drives, raising money for national disasters (ex: Hurricane Katrina)  “donate $1 to wear your hat in school.”  We have also worked on projects with the Student Council.
Description:  This committee should teach and promote helping others – We used the phrase “Tashua’s Helping Hands.”
Duties:  Approval by the principal of ideas, dates, times, etc.  Complete Use of School Form. 
Characteristics/Skills Needed: Creativity: Ability to develop new and interesting ideas.
Dependability: Can be counted on to complete tasks.  Organization: Can make a logical order out of many competing interests.
  Resourcefulness: Finds inventive ways to complete a project.

Excellent communication and outreach skills.  Computer Literate: the ability to send/receive e-mails, type articles, attach photos to e-mails.  Good communication skills: spelling and grammar are important.
Time Needed:  Involvement monthly, seasonally, or as much or little time as you can devote.  
Helpful Tools:  Having a committee of at least 3 is helpful – for stimulating new ideas and tapping into individual talents.  
Personal Benefits:  This can be a tremendously rewarding committee – There are so many organizations that need assistance and kids LOVE to help.  Try to think of ways to help without always asking for money – the elderly love to have visits from the students (after school of course) – for example, we sponsored a Halloween parade at Middlebrook Farms in Trumbull.  
Lifespan of committee:  Ongoing