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5th Grade Meet The Teachers

Mrs. Lynch (Room 15)

Mrs. Pierce (Room 16)

Mrs. Smith (Room 18)

5th Grade Great Links

Arcademic Skills Builders



Decimal Squares



Math Fact Café



Math Magician



Multiplication – Missing Factor



Untimed Division Basketball Game



Untimed Multiplication Basketball Game



Visual Fractions






Student Math Handbook




Fifth Grade Curriculum

The curriculum in Grade 5 engages students in a variety of learning experiences that integrate skills with content materials. The curriculum and strategies are intended to prepare students for the team-based middle school. In order to provide a smooth transition to the middle school, students are expected to demonstrate an increasing degree of responsibility for their own learning and a greater accountability for their behavior. Assignments may be “long range” with students expected to plan their work and meet deadlines established at the beginning of the assignment.

Technology is used in conjunction with classroom assignments, with both Internet and software sources available to expand the traditional print sources of information. Presentation software may be used in reporting the results of research, with multimedia presentations becoming the common tool for reports. The computer laboratory may be used for the reinforcement and review of mathematics and language arts skills, or for instruction in word-processing programs.

Grade 5 Brochure

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