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A Note From Music ~ Mr. Cohen ~ March 2019


A Note from Music!
Mr. Cohen

In like a lion, and out like a lamb! March is a time of change and growth for Tashua. As we begin our journey toward spring, it is important to keep improving our musical minds. Tashua students are achieving at high levels in all grades. Our kindergarten and 1st grade students are identifying notes and rhythms, as well as learning to use their voices safely while singing. 2nd graders are enjoying new motor function games that are helping to create steady and complex rhythmic structures. Perhaps one of the most exciting musical endeavors this month is in 3rd grade. They will receive their recorders! The recorder is the first wind instrument that most students are introduced to. The benefits of this new unit will stay with the students throughout their musical careers, in school or otherwise. Reading music while correctly playing an instrument is not easy, but they are up for the challenge! 4th graders will be continuing to experiment with new ways to write music and poetry to be presented to the class. Finally, I am proud to report that our fifth graders are working hard to sing music that is rated for middle school chorus students. They sound amazing! This month they’ll finish writing the Class of 2019 Tashua Blues, which will be performed at the spring concert. What an exciting time to be a musician at Tashua!