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Tashua School Store – Committee Description



Chair: Alyssa Hall & Michelle Wigzell

Date usually held: First and Third Thursday of the month

Description:  To display and sell to students supplies needed for school, as well as small novelty items, to teach students purchasing skills.

Duties: To set up tables and displays with products, handle monies during transactions with the students, watch for theft, and then clean up and put away all supplies in the storage closet

Characteristics/Skills Needed:  To be cheerful with the students, and firm when they stay too long

Time Needed:  2 ½ hours for every school store, an extra two-three hours per month for the chairperson to make deposits, request check payments from treasurer, and handle all ordering of additional supplies, as well as emailing members about schedule changes, and arrangements. 
In the beginning of the year- a schedule must be drawn up to give each member equal time opportunity to volunteer, as well as to notify substitutes in the event that someone is needed to fill a spot.

Helpful Tools:   Calculator

Personal Benefits:   To spend time with the students during their lunch break

Lifespan of committee: For one school year