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Wellness/Pact Prevention


2014-15 Chair:
Mari Jackson

Date usually held: October
Description:  Support Red Ribbon Week which is an anti-drug program run by the PTA Council
Duties:Meet with PTA Council, determine how week will be run and execute program.
Characteristics/Skills Needed:  Event planning or organizational skills are a plus
Time Needed:  A total of five hours for the whole year.
Helpful Tools: Computer
Personal Benefits: Helping young children understand the impact of drug use.
Lifespan of committee:  One month.



Date usually held: Throughout the year
Description: The Wellness Committee is a PTA Council Committee with events through the year scheduled by the Board of Ed’s Health Advisory Committee.  They are the Pumpkin Run (October), Kids in Motion (Winter), Nutrition Month (March), and Jump Rope for Heart (April).  The Committee also tries to give regular health updates to the kids either in announcements or take home flyers
Characteristics/Skills Needed:  Organization
Time Needed: Approximately 1-2 hours once a month.  More time is required gearing up during the month before the quarterly events.
Personal Benefits: This committee presents an excellent opportunity to make an impact on the health and wellbeing of our children
Lifespan of committee:   All year