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Yearbook Committee Description



Chairs: Jill Curley:curleyjb@charter.net & Jennifer Kegan: kegans27@gmail.com

Date usually held: Yearbook gets started in early October , with meetings sporadically through March.

Description: The yearbook committee is responsible for putting together the yearbook for the school year. It is imperative to have a strong group working together and delegating tasks to each person’s particular strengths.  The committee gets started with a kick off meeting in early October to decide (along with the fifth graders) on the theme of the book.  The class photography is split up between the committee members. The pages are organized and delegated at the first or second meeting, The committee is responsible for taking all the candid photos and covering events through out the year. The committee also works directly with the yearbook company to get all the group photos taken and all the individual portraits merged onto the class pages.  Going digital has streamlined the process and  given the yearbook committee many more options in laying out the pages.

Characteristics/Skills Needed:
Creativity is very helpful.  Photography skills are essential.

Organization and dependability to complete tasks are definitely needed.
Computer skills are a must as the digital yearbook is done completely on-line.

Good communication skills: spelling and grammar are important.

Time Needed: Time is needed off and on from Oct. to March.  There are usually two specific days picked to go in to the school and take candids of all the classrooms.  This is divided between 4 or 5 committee members. Six to eight hours each (approx.) from a group of 5 or 6 people to put together the collage pages and flow the portrait pages.  There are probably four or five, two hour meetings from Oct to March.  The chair person(s) usually commit extra time for the final proof of the book.

Personal Benefits: The finished product is always very rewarding..  It can be time consuming but never really feels like it because it’s spread out over many months.  The kids really make it all worth it.

Lifespan of committee: Early Oct. off and on through March.