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Variety Show Committee Description



Chairs: Jen Kegan and Joleen Bull

Date usually held: TBD.

Description: This is a show held each year that allows children to showcase their talents. Children may perform in the opening act as well as an act of their own. Each year 5th graders emcee the show.

Duties: Come up with a theme for the show, put out a flyer advertising the show and asking for children to sign up if they want to participate, run a screening day for all acts as they must be approved for appropriateness, choreograph the opening act, teach the routine to the alumni 
volunteers, practice  for opening act, write the script, rehearse 5th grade emcees prior to the show, hold a dress rehearsal, be present the night of the show, sell tickets, reserve gym in main office for practices, reserve facility for rehearsals and the show, complete forms for Fire Marshall and Police, work with Publicity Committee, thank committee members and volunteers, collect forms from main office as they are returned, make spread sheet of all people who have paid and are coming  

Characteristics/Skills Needed: Organized, good communication skills, love to work with children, dance abilities, creative writing abilities

Lifespan of committee: 2-3 months