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TPSLD Report – January 2014


Sensitivity Day 2013-14

The second TPSLD Sensitivity Day was held on January 30 (rescheduled due to snow).  We encourage parents interested in volunteering for the program to contact the chairs below. We ask all PTAs to push dates on websites, master calendars, newsletters, etc. in hopes of securing volunteering and creating awareness. Please remember to describe the program as follows:
TPSLD’s Sensitivity Day will be held (DATE) for all (SCHOOL) 4th graders. With the generous funding of the Trumbull PTSA and the support of (SCHOOL) PTA, TPSLD will also host a S. Day “Read Aloud” program for grades 1,2,3 and 5.
  • Dates and Chairs:  Kathleen Craddock – Jane Ryan – March 26;
  • Doryann Sabato – Frenchtown – May 15;
  • Chris Marin – Booth Hill – May 1;
  • Carol Ann  Corsi – Daniels Farm – April 24;

TPSLD will host a free and public workshop on learning more about medications when managing students with with possible learning or behavioral issues. Local physician Dr. Marachi will lead the workshop on March 20th.


TPSLD information is located on trumbullps.org

Email is TPSLD@yahoo.com