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New technology can be frustrating. If we aren’t sure how something is going to work, we are
sometimes afraid to try because we think we might break it! We need to relax. We need our children
to relax! We need to give them, and ourselves, the freedom to try, the freedom to make mistakes, and
the tools to learn from those mistakes.
In the Learning Commons Lab, we reinforce patience and persistence. We need to be patient: with
ourselves, with the technology, and with our classmates and teachers. We model these traits with our
own reactions. How patient are we? How do we persist? What do we do when something unexpected
happens? How do we attempt to figure things out? What tools does the technology give us to find
People often ask me how I know how to do things. If I can’t figure something out on my own, how do I
find a solution? I go online. I Google it! I watch a YouTube video to see how someone else did it. I
almost always find a way to do what I need to do. It just takes patience and persistence!

May 2017 Tiger Times