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TIGER TECH~ MR. RICHARD ~ January 2018


Get to know Google for Education (G Suite)

As you may know, every student in grades K-12 has access to a Google account and G Suite for
Education (edu.google.com). This suite of online apps offers a wide array of capabilities for students and
teachers to communicate, collaborate, and manage work. These accounts are administered by Trumbull
Public Schools for your child’s academic use.
In the coming weeks, students in grades 3-5 across the district will have access to their own Chromebook, a laptop designed specifically to work on the web, throughout the day. Second grade will have a cart available for the grade level to share, much like grades 3-5 have had for the past few years. This means students will likely be producing much more work online in their Google Drives and in Google Classroom. What does this mean for you? Hopefully it means spending some time with your child reviewing the digital work they’ve created. How? Good question!
It can be hard to see what kids are up to day to day in a digital classroom since you don’t see a folder stuffed with papers (a welcome sight to many parents). The easiest way for you to access their work is to go to drive.google.com through any internet browser, though Google Chrome works best with G Suite. If you aren’t already logged into your own Google Account, you will be prompted to log in. Most third, fourth, and fifth grade students can readily remember their email username* (@trumbullps.net) and their self-created password.
Once you’re in, let your child take you on a tour of the work they have done. Work should be readily available in “My Drive” or their “Classroom” folder, which houses work assigned by the teacher via Google Classroom.
Enjoy getting to know G Suite with your child. You will be amazed by what they can do!
*E-mail addresses in grades K-5 are used for login purposes only. Elementary students cannot send nor receive emails.

Todd Richard
Technology Integration Specialist
Tashua School

January 2018 Tiger Times