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TIGER TECH~ MR. RICHARD ~ October 2018



Mr. Richard
October 2018

We’re off to a fast start in the new year. Here are some highlights of how we’re using technology in the classroom!

Kindergartners will be creating recordings that show their comprehension using apps like Seesaw and Chatterpix! First graders have begun listening to reading and reading online using Epic! This reading app develops a custom library for students to read and listen to reading online!

Second graders have just begun using their Google Classroom accounts for the first time! Classroom allows students to access teacher-assigned assignments and activities via Chromebooks!

From their earliest days as readers, students begin learning about text features in books that help authors convey meaning to their readers. Third graders will soon begin using tools within Google Docs to add sophisticated text features to their informational and persuasive writing, just like their favorite authors! Be on the lookout for images with captions, informational charts and tables, purposeful headings, and glossaries!

Fourth and fifth graders will be working on new ways to show what they know across subject areas using Google Classroom and Seesaw, an online app that allows students to photograph, annotate, and record audio about their work.

As fifth graders learned to find their place in the world while studying geography, they used Google Maps to tour the planet finding the latitude and longitude of interesting places and “screenshotting” the hemispheres!


Todd Richard
Technology Integration Specialist
Tashua School

October 2018 Tiger Times